V3 Update

We finished with an update, we were working on for the last few days.

There has been way too much improvements to write them all down, but to summarize, we’ve done some good things on visual improvement and lots of plugins have also been updated.

You may have noticed that our site is slower than it was before. This is due to too high spammers posting approx. 50000 posts and rapidly claiming on a daily basis. Therefore we decided that we’ll be doing an extensive clean up in the next few days. We won’t tolerate such activity on our site and because of that all sploggers and spammers will have their blogs removed and be banned from our service without any prior notice.

If you are using our service for blogging or journaling or using domain mapping and simply using our service in a normal manner (that is posting not more than 100 posts per day) you will be fine. If you’re having any kind of questions, please do write us using Support ticket in members area or use Contact form.



BlogRip.com Team