Writers Wanted

Join at Blog Rip as a member today and send us request to be a writter! We’re always looking for opportunities to team up with talented people in the all kind of niches, who are willing to contribute unique, useful, creative and exciting articles for the Blogrip.com.

Are you interested? Simply contact us when you’ve joined through this link https://www.blogrip.com/contact-us and fill out the form with data you want to let us know and we’ll be with you soon. A single article would be great if you would send it to Us to review it and for long-term cooperation would be even better if you would have also some skills in writing good articles.

So why should you write for Blog Rip?

Here’s why contributing to Blog Rip could be good for you:

  • You’ll reach a worldwide audience of targeted readers, and that will drive traffic to your own blog or website, so you’ll gain new followers and subscribers.
  • You’ll build your reputation as an expert in your field.
  • You’ll improve your research and writing skills.
  • You’ll learn lots by working with experienced blog and network editors.
  • We’ll give you the help, feedback and support you need to write great articles.
  • We’ll include your contact details, bio, website/blog address etc. at the end of your article, so you get full author credit.
  • We’ll also add your details to our presentation page to make sure you remain visible, even after your guest articles become older and receive less traffic, so you’ll have a chance to be a part of great team.
  • You’ll also get your own Blog here at Blog Rip (when you’ll be approved Member) for which you will be personally responsible for it’s content (read Terms of Service for more information), containing your details and everyone can see a list of all your articles you’ve published.
  • If you’ll contributing constantly really high-quality, unique articles, we’ll pay you for your work.  Payments will be made at the end of the month and we will contact you if you will be approved to receive the payment (depends how quality, unique and long articles you were posting).
  • We’ll create a password-protected Blog Rip WordPress account for you, so you can login and create/edit/submit your articles easily (that will speed up the whole process for you and us) once you become our approved Member.

Who can write for Blog Rip?

You’ll need to have at least SOMEwhat blogging and writing experience, and we expect you to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the area you want to cover with categories and subcategories. We’re open to any suggestions about possible topics for new content – we’re also looking for articles about new trends, business, home etc. that are likely to be useful for everyone in general.

If you have any special interests on particular topic or something that you think we should cover at Blog Rip, just contact us!